Landscape Tree(s) for Front Yard?

We are removing a large dying evergreen from the front yard and are trying to figure out what to plant in it's place. My spouse wants 2 red maples, but this is in the middle of a large, sloping front lawn, and I feel that such trees would be better suited toward the front edge of the property, or flanking the driveway. Advice?


If you had a picture you could send (contact me via my contact form and I'll reply with my email address), that would be helpful.

Without any photos, I would say that you could do any of the following:
1. One tree in the lawn, as long as it is not dead center and placed creatively towards the side.
2. Two trees to mark the driveway entry. These could be on either side of the driveway near the entry.
3. One shade tree at the outer corner of your property, set in slightly.

By the way, I love Red Maples!


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Landscape Trees For Texture and Color
by: Jim

Lots of options, best bet is to see what is doing really well at your local nurseries and go with that for less maintenance and easy installation. Otherwise you have so many options.....

I personally like color and texture with some other varieties such as the River Birch, Paper Bark Maple and so fourth. Great Winter interest with the Exfoliating Bark and a overall nice specimen or ornamental to shade tree.

Further Thoughts

I agree with you about winter interest, particularly if they are removing the evergreen tree. They could also use an evergreen near one of the house corners, as long as it was a smaller variety. Not sure of the plant zone, and these suggestions may not work, but Foster Holly or Cryptomeria would be nice choices.

A Paper Birch would be great too, with its white bark, although River Birches tend to be hardier.

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