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by S. Bidner
(Central Illinois)

We cut down 12 green ash landscape trees due to Emerald Ash Borer which lined one side of our drive. I would like to plant a more interesting design other than one line of trees. I would like to include trees, small bushes and perennials but don't know how to arrange or group them. Thanks

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Pictures of Trees
by: Susan

To Interested Gardner,
If you will contact me once again on the Contact Form, I will reply with my email address sothat you may send those photos.


Planting Beds Along a Large Distance
by: Susan

"So how do you group trees and shrubs in a 140 foot length? "

It all depends on the lay of your land and the driveway, along with what plantings (if any) are nearby.

If I started with a bed on either side of the driveway and I wanted to have plants along the 140 foot length, I would do groups of beds.

For example, I might make one of the entry beds longer than the other with a nice curvilinear shape.
On the side, where the smaller bed is, I would move up further and created another bed. So now you have three beds, two on one side of the drive and one side of the other. They would have to all balance out.


by: Anonymous

So how do you group trees and shrubs in a 140 foot length?

by: Interested Gardeneer

I forgot to mention that we are in zone 5a.

Additional information
by: Interested Gardener

To continue my original query: The driveway length is 144 feet. We cut down 6 ash trees (sorry I originally said 12). There are shingle oaks at either end. At the east end the oak also has a grouping with a large field rock, forester grass, 3 small barberry and dahlias. My concern is replacing the ash trees with a more pleasing varied design. There is a 4 board natural fence for the length which we MAY remove or may remove sections so we can plant on either side of the fence. The trees I am looking at are Katsura, red maples, and slender hinoki cypress then adding some small shrubs in the mix. I like those trees but I don't know how many or how to group them. I have three pictures to send for have been unable to send them. If I have an address and can attach them to my email.

Landscape Design and Landscape Trees
by: Susan

To get an attractive mixed planting, landscape design, I would start with your driveway entry area. I haven't seen your property, so these are just some design ideas.

Create an entry bed on either side of your driveway. They should be curved like a semi-circle or continue into an S shape. Each should be a bit different.

Plant an ornamental tree on one side and three large shrubs, such as Lilacs, on the other. This will provide the height. I would then choose some evergreen shrubs. Place five on one side and three, five, or seven on the other. Stagger them in a naturalistic pattern. You might consider Green Velvet Boxwood or China Girl Blue Holly.You can also take a look at my page on Evergreen Shrubs .

You can then place lots of perennials for color.
The shrubs should be towards the back with the perennials placed in front of them, closer to the driveway. Use quite a few of a variety of perennials in a group and do the same with other types. I typically do not use less than three of one kind (unless they are very large) and often use seven to nine. You can visit Perennial Flowers to see pictures and get some ideas. Repeat at least one variety on each side of the driveway.

Not knowing how long your driveway is, it's hard to say if there should be more plants along the rest of the drive. However, you can make these two beds any size you like and even extend them up along the driveway a bit to create a very nice driveway landscape.


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