Incorporating new inground pool with current paver patio

by Teri

Before the patio was finished but can give you an idea

Before the patio was finished but can give you an idea


Last summer my we tore down our wood deck and had a 1200sq ft paver patio with firepit and built-in grill installed.

We have decided that we would like to get a mountain pond shaped 20'x40'inground pool installed this September and are at a loss for how to incorporate it with our current patio. Safety is key for us, we have 2 children and having a fence around the pool is a must. The fence we have decided on is a 54" bronze colored aluminum fence. We have gotten 2 estimates from reputable pool companies, unfortunately both companies said we should either fence in the entire backyard and put an alarm on our back door (not an option) or if we must fence around the pool, set the pool toward the back of our yard away from the patio. We REALLY want the pool near the patio but we also REALLY want a fence around our pool.

One idea we are thinking of is to have the portion of the fence that would be closest/parallel to the house start over the existing patio - resulting in the fire pit being fenced in with the pool area. With two arched gates on either side. We could then add on to the paver patio to surround the pool.

In my mind this makes sense but maybe it isn't possible. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them!

Thanks in advance!


Hi Teri,
I understand that security is the utmost important to you. Therefore, fencing around the pool is a must. I can't quite make out the patio exactly, but
I get the general idea of it. The problem with setting the fencing on the patio is that fencing looks much more attractive with plantings on both sides to soften it. I love the fence you have chosen, so I am not suggesting hiding it completely...just some greenery and color to enhance the entire landscape.

I see a few options:

1. Start the fencing just beyond your existing patio and create a short walkway to an entry gate. this can even have an arbor if you like. Planting beds could be situated on either side of the walkway and then curve around in front of the fence (looking from the existing patio towards the fence/pool area). The plantings could also wrap around the patio slightly to unify both areas.

The pool side would also have plantings up against the fence, but now on the pool side. there would then be pool decking/paving around the pool. The fencing would continue completely around the swimming pool and paving to enclose it completely.

2. The fence would go along the edge of your existing paver patio, but you would remove some of the pavers to allow for a planting bed. Fencing on top of a patio can be very hard looking without any greenery. The other side of the fence would then be for the pool and pool paving and the fence would go around as explained above.

You need to both unify the two areas. I think the short walkway idea would work very well.

I hope I have explained this well enough for you to understand. If you have further questions/comments, let me know.

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