Front Flower Bed Pending Love

by Maria
(Killeen, Texas)

Front Plantings - Need Help With Landscape Design

Front Plantings - Need Help With Landscape Design

Maria would like to know what to do with her front flower bed.

Help!!!! I moved in a year ago, and not sure what to do with the flower bed. The previous owner kept it up and it looked awesome. Me of course, know NOTHING about flowers, bushes, etc. As you can see there are a few dead plants. I am not sure what they are but I guess I could dig them

There are trailing Lantanas that will come up in orange and yellow and they grow wild around the edges, and so hard to keep pruned. There are those other areas to fill in where the dead bushes are. Also the trees in back are so skinny looking. :( I would really appreciate any help you can give. I want an awesome looking front too! :) Thank you and GOD Bless.


I believe the shrubs in your photo are Inkberry Holly. This shrub has some nice features. It will take shade, it's evergreen and it is also deer resistant. However, it does have a tendency to get "leggy".

You are probably never going to be happy with these plants. You could try planting densely in front of them, but it might be futile. So, I would suggest removing them and starting over.

Some nice plants for the background (I'm assuming you are part shade) are Boxwood 'Green Velvet' or Azaleas. You don't want anything too tall in front of the window, yet it's good to plant in groups. Seeing only part of the house, I would suggest a straight row of Boxwood or a staggered row of Azaleas, with something taller at the left corner. A Lilac? Or Make the bed wider here and add a Star Magnolia tree or a River Birch.

In front of these plants you could add lots of perennials for color. Be sure to plant in groups, change the textures between the groups and try to pay attention to when they bloom so that you have color during all seasons. Add Groundcover such as Vinca or Pachysandra in any bare spots or use these pockets to plant annuals.

You also might consider removing those blocks that are edging the bed. It will look better.


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