Flower bed in front of a window

by Larissa
(Buena Park, CA)

outside view

outside view


I have a raised flower bed in front of my front living room window, which is the big window in the front of the house (the only window). I'm upgrading it right now so it's completely empty and I need some ideas.

I was thinking about planting a birch tree in the middle so I have this nice coverage for the inside and maybe some small bushes/vines on the side. It's kind of deep so flowers probably won't work unless they are tall.

What do you think would look really nice? I have 2 malibu lights that will light up the flower bed and it's about 7ft long and 3 1/2ft wide. I'd really appreciate some help.

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front flower bed
by: Anonymous

dont put a tree in it.
it will obscure your view.
geraniums,and petunias would look best.
tall flowers would obscure your view also.

front window
by: Anonymous

what are some design for front of a small window

Front Planting Area
by: Susan

Hi Larissa,

The depth of the planter is deceiving as it doesn't look that wide, but pictures can do that.

I definitely would not put a Birch Tree in that planter, as it is not large enough to acommodate that tree. I love the idea though. Could you place it in front of the planter?

Now for the planter...

There are a few options I can think of.

1. Place tall, narrow shrubs (3)(Nandina-hardy by you?) towards the street, with lower flowers or groundcover towards the house. This will create an interior garden for you to view from inside.

2. Use lots of perennials and make it a colorful garden, again to view from your window. Perhaps you could use 3 groups of 3 different kinds.

3. Place one large shrub with lots of low plants around it. Are Lilacs and Juniper hardy where you are? If so, you might consider them. If not, you could use something similar. You might like this as the tall shrub would be the same concept as the Birch Tree, but fit better.


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