Driveway Edgings For Narrow Driveways

Should you use driveway edgings to prevent cars from going over the edges?

I have a 600 ft + driveway. Vehicles are destroying the sod on either side of my drive by cutting the corner short thus driving over the sod. I have seen little
concrete markers which prevent cars from doing this. Large rocks would work too but no so attractive. any advice?


This is probably happening because the turning radius where this is happening is not large enough. From what you said, it sounds like this is a problem in areas along the length of your driveway rather than at the entry.

Here are a few options:
1. Widen your driveway in these areas. This is obviously time consuming and expensive, so let's go onto more reasonable ideas.

2. As you mentioned, add some boulders. This can actually look nice if you place them in planting beds and add plants, groundcover, etc. They will look like they belong.

3. Add only plantings, but they should be tall enough so that they form a visual barrier. You might use some evergreen or deciduous shrubs that get to be anywhere from 2' to 4'. I think I would prefer those around 3 feet tall. Create some beds to place these in for the problem areas. People will be more careful when they see the plants. If you are adventurous, you can even add some ornamental trees and perennials.

I'm not sure of the extent of this problem. The above boulder and planting suggestions will work for areas here and there. However, if it is your entire driveway, the cost to widen it might be the same as the other options, with less maintenance.

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