Driveway Design Ideas For a Curved Driveway Layout

I came across your website while searching for help with driveway design ideas.

We are planning to convert a straight gravel drive about 500 feet long into a curving drive with a circular shape at the house. No professional help so far which i think would likely produce a more pleasing, effective result. Are you in Charlottesville? We are in NC but have plans to travel to Charlottesville.

I could supply photos, probably air photo and perhaps topographical, although the lot is mostly flat. Interested in cost of your service and timing.

Thank you.


Thanks for the pictures.

There are many different ways your driveway could be
designed/enhanced and many different driveway design ideas.If you want to create a curvilinear driveway, you might have to change the driveway entry point location. It appears that the driveway is a straight run to your house. Creating curves in the
drive would not make sense as is. However, if, for example, you began the driveway towards the right, a sweeping curve could be created, leading towards your house, now to the left. Stone culvert walls would
most likely have to be built (which could be very nice) due to the drainage swale at the road. Now your drive goes over a flat area. Your fencing would have to be relocated also.

Yet with the driveway as it is (relatively), it's a perfect setup for an elegant allee of large shade trees lining the driveway. This is very "estate-like" and I love to do this when I can. Not everyone has a long
driveway where this could make the statement it should, but yours is great for this. It could be dressed up by interesting paving. You mentioned tar and chip. I just did that for a client and it looks very, very nice. You can do it all in that material, or if you wanted
something a bit more elaborate, you could add some pavers or cobblestone to certain areas.

Many different kinds of courtyards or turnarounds could be created at the front of your house. By the way, is the main entrance through the pergola or at the door in the middle of the porch?

I would need a survey with the location and footprint of your house on the property. I understand the residence shows on the aerial photo, but I really need details to create a professional design.


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