Driveway Area Flooding

I have an L-shaped rancher with an asphalt driveway. There is an area (4'x15') between the house and the driveway leading up to our front door. My problem is that the area in front of the steps floods. Come and see me on a rainy day and you better be wearing rain boots. I need something that drains well, but is easily traversed as I babysit. Any thoughts? Budget is an issue also. Thank you.


I understand budget is a concern, but the best thing to do would be to raise the grade in this area so that the water pitches towards the driveway, away from the house. It is probably flat in that area or graded towards the house.

If you have a separate walkway that leads to the front door, this should be re-done to grade away from the house at 1/4 inch per foot. The planting bed can be raised to do the same (if there is a planting bed), but you will have to protect the house with waterproofing.

Another option would be to install a french drain at the house. This solution allows for the water to enter a perforated pipe. The pipe has holes in for the water to seep into. This pipe then leads elsewhere on the property so the water is taken away. Typically it is connected to a solid pipe.

Anything else will be a quick fix and you will always have this problem. I know this from both professional (and personal!) experience.

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