Concrete Or Vinyl Pool

by Robin

Should you have a concrete or vinyl pool?

Hi Susan,

What a great website!!! I loved exploring it. I wonder if you would share a bit of your expertise with me?

I live in a condo complex in Connecticut. We have alot of clay in our soil and we have a 35 year old cement pool that is in need of replacement. We don't have alot of money but do not want to sacrifice quality for a cheap price.

What are your thoughts regarding vinyl pools in New England climates? If built correctly, are they really a wise and practical option. We have been quoted $170.000 for a new concrete pool vs. $72,000 for a new vinyl pool.

We know a lot about concrete but virtually nothing about vinyl. The vinyl surely is a tempting possibility with that price - but it scares us.

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Concrete Pools
by: Susan

Hi Robin,
Thanks for your compliments on my site!

If you are in a condo complex, I am assuming that this is a pool for the complex?

Don't be afraid of vinyl pools. I have designed many of them and seen them installed. If I were doing a pool for myself, I would certainly consider it.

You have probably been to this page on my site, but in case you have not, please do visit it. I have explained many differences between concrete and vinyl liner pools.

Replacing the liner in a vinyl pool will be the biggest upkeep and expense. I am not sure how long the liners of today last for, but I am sure it is a considerable amount of time. There is a large cost savings between the two pool types as you have discovered.

As long as you use a nice pool coping, it will be hard to tell the difference between the two. You can also have interior steps. These two options will add to the creativity of the pool, eliminating visual differences.

Being in New England should not make a difference, as long as the pool is installed correctly. Although it is a bit colder there, I worked with pools in northern New Jersey where there are many of the same winter conditions and there were no problems.

Here is a picture from my other site of a pool I designed up north. It has concrete pool decking and coping. The coping runs right up to the water's edge. This pool is rectilinear, since the people wanted to use an automatic pool cover.

There are others I have done. One had concrete pool decking and a brick coping. On another, I used pavers and a paver coping. There are many different ways to go. Concrete will be the least expensive. My page on Concrete Patio Designs will explain some interesting ways to spice things up.

I hope this has been helpful.

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