Blending Retaining Walls and Fencing

by Jennie

We just put a retaining wall in front of our house, but on the side of the house we have a chain link fence. How do we blend together a fence on the side of the property and wall in the front? It is a corner lot. The chain link fence is on the street side.

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Retaining Walls and Fencing
by: Susan

Hi Jeannie,

I am not sure how far apart they are from one another, but I would say to blend them by adding a planting bed. The bed could curve around the corner, connecting the wall and the fence, visually.

It's always nice to have plants on both sides of structures such as these. This is particularly true of fencing at the street. From your house view, it's pleasant to look out at plants in front of the fence to soften it. The same holds true for those looking at the fence from the street side.

Plants also create a nice look when they are up against a wall. In addition, if you are also planting on top of the wall, select some plants that will hang over, such as Cotoneaster and/or Blue Rug Juniper.

You might consider planting trees at the corner. Once again, I am not sure of your space, so either one or a groups of three might work. Or as an alternative, place a group of the same variety of shrubs at the corner area, and then place an ornamental tree at the end of the retaining wall and also the fence, to anchor the ends. The rest of the bed could be a mixture of shrubs and perennials.

The entire bed line can be curvilinear, contrasting with the straight lines of the wall and fencing....assuming the retaining wall is straight. If it is curved, you can still curve the planting bed.


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