2 Matching Evergreens Needed

by Keith R. Miles
(South Park, PA (Allegheny Cty))

garage entrance - dying witchita junipers.

garage entrance - dying witchita junipers.

As can be seen on the attached photo I am looking to replace 2 witchita junipers (on either side of my garage entrance with something else. These junipers, which are approximately 15 years old seem to have been hit with "something" - maybe spider mites or a fungus. In researching this variety Kansas State University has them listed as 1 of the worst junipers.

I like the fact that they are evergreen, shape (tall, columnar) and color (blue - green) and are deer and drought resistant. The garage faces due SOUTH and gets hit with winter winds. It appears the one on the right might not get the same amount of direct sum (as the left one does) and it doesn't seem to get hit with the direct wind either.

Any suggestions on replacements - at this point I would consider anything (and not limit myself to evergreens) - maybe clump birch? I am thinking something in the 10 - 15 feet tall range - if you agree.

Thanks in advance,
Keith Miles
South Park PA 15129
Zone 5a or 5b (I think).

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Evergreen Trees For House Corners
by: Susan

Hi Keith,

I'm looking at your evergreen trees and the purpose of them from a design point.

What they are doing is framing your garage. I can't see the rest of your house, but I'll assume it would be better for your house to be the focal point, rather than the garage.

That being said, I would recommend not placing two matching trees in place of the existing. I would definitely plant something tall at the left garage corner. However, I would rather see a pretty, soft, large shrub on the right side.

A nice evergreen to use might be Cryptomeria. I believe it is deer resistant. It's not quite as narrow as the existing Junipers, but it's graceful and lovely. I talk a bit more about this tree here.


As you mentioned, a deciduous tree would be an option too. I love Birch's. You could use a River Birch with its darker bark or a White Birch that has white bark. If you have the space, you can even use a group of three.

As far as a large shrub goes, do you necessarily need an evergreen? If not, you might consider Weigela (if it's not too wide for the spot). It flowers, comes in a few sizes, and is deer resistant too. You could also use a Japanese Andromeda which flowers, is evergreen and also deer resistant.

I hope this was helpful and good luck!


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