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After living in Virginia for six years, I have now re-located back to New Jersey, where I am originally from. Virginia is beautiful but I missed my family and friends so decided to make the move. I've been here for 4 1/2 months!

Having a new house (and one being built in 1830), I've been addressing what I feel are the necessary things. Aside from some improvements on the interior, there were two areas of the landscape that were a must...well actually three.

The first was putting in a new septic system. I knew I had to do this when I purchased the house, and it's finally completed. No matter what field you are in, you always learn. All I can say is...what a mess!

The second was taking care of a long but rather shallow slope along the road. It is very dry and sunny, and there is runoff. I created a mix of plants that would take these conditions and it turned out quite nice. The plants are growing and doing well. If you want to read about it, visit my page on Xeriscape Plants.

Since I purchased this house during the winter and there was snow on the ground, I never realized until it melted and the rains came what a grading mess the rear yard actually was. Point - be careful when you can't see the ground if purchasing a home! I have a few very helpful pages on Landscape Grading on my site which talk about drainage and directing water where it should go, which is away from the house.

My situation, to my horror, was exactly the opposite. The patio was completely flat. Part of the yard was also flat as there had been an above ground pool there years ago. The balance sloped towards my patio. I was getting water in the house.

Grading is not what I would say "fun". There are no plants to provide color, no trees for scale, no pretty walkways or arbors. But it had to be done. I devised a grading plan and also consulted with a contractor I used to work for. They re-laid the patio to pitch it away from the house. It's made of old brick which is dry laid. Since it was dry laid, it was easy to pick up and re-install. However, the unevenness of the old bricks made it somewhat challenging.

The lawn was re-graded and a swale was created. This led to a lawn drawn. The drain had a pipe connected to it which led elsewhere.

So...grading completed!

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I've created a few new pages showing some of my actual drawings. There are "call outs" on them pointing out special features. Please visit them to see patios, ponds, pergolas and outdoor kitchens in landscape drawings! Landscape Drawings
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