Summer Plant Tips For Sprucing Up Your Landscape

So spring has come and gone (almost!) and now summer is near. If you have any bare spots or areas with plants that are not doing well, I would recommend Roses for sunny areas and Hydrangea for shady ones. If you choose the right ones, they can give you color almost all season long!

Don't forget to mass plants. The colors will really pop when you do this. Also, if you have the room, stagger them for a more natural look. For added interest, you can use groups of perennials in front of them, even if the space is small. You need a minimum of 12" for the perennials, and the more the better as you will have a larger selection, size-wise.

Sometimes in mid or end of summer, perennials can get worn out looking. Just cut them down to about 4" to 6" high. They will grow back again with a fresh new look, and sometimes even re-flower!

Summer weeds? Get rid of them and then consider using Preen which is a weed preventer. It has to be used periodically.

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Thanks and happy gardening. If you need any landscape info, just send me a note. I am always happy to help out my subscribers!

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