Simple Fountains For The Garden


The most beautiful gardens in the world typically include some kind of water feature. There is nothing like water in the garden to add some enchantment. You can easily add a fountain and enjoy seeing and hearing running water. It does not have to be complicated or expensive.

To have a fountain with moving water, the fountain must contain a pump. There are basically two types to consider.

1. The first are fountains with pumps that run on electricity. The biggest challenge with these are having an outdoor electrical outlet.

The pump and wire are usually hidden in part of the fountain. An electrical wire attaches to the pump's wire and leads to the outlet.

2. The other type would be a solar fountain, one that runs on solar energy. The advantage to these are that no electrical outlet is needed.

There are many different fountain styles. I am not referring to large, elaborate ones, but those that are just pretty bird bath fountains. These are usually not too large and they look great in many places. Whether you place it right in your flower garden, near a walkway, or even out in the lawn, they are charming and eye catching.

Some of the newer styles with multiple waterfalls are interesting. You can also choose a more traditional pedestal style.

Bird bath fountains can be had in various materials. Concrete, copper, iron, aluminum, synthetics, and brass are all possibilities. Copper will develop it's own patina over time which is very nice. Aluminum can resemble iron, without the rust or weight. Be careful with concrete as it can crack in winter freeze-thaw conditions.

Now that spring is around the corner, you might think about this addition to your garden. Not only will it add some creativity and interest, but the birds will love it too!

If you would like to get some ideas, take a look at my page Solar Bird Baths.

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