Recommended Plants You Can Order Online

It's getting closer to spring (for those of you who are struggling through the snowy winter, it's hard to believe!), and thinking about gardens is something we will all be doing, sooner or later.

Sometimes it's difficult to find particular plants locally. There's nothing wrong with ordering them online! You just have to watch the size, as you might be in for a surprise! (See my recommendations below).

One nursery that I would recommend is

Nature Hills Nursery

They have a huge selection of trees, shrubs, and perennials, and many of their plants come in nice sizes to start out with. I wouldn't recommend the trees, unless you are patient.

Here are some of my favorite plants that they carry and I would use for clients (and in my own garden).

Catmint 'Walker's Low' - this stays fairly low (about 10 inches high by 24-30" wide) and will bloom most of the summer. Needs little water.

Sedum 'Autumn Joy' - blooms late in the season and needs little water. This perennial has thicker foliage and would look nice next to more delicate ones, such as the Catmint.

Fountain Grass - A great textured plant with plumes late summer/fall. Provides nice winter interest also.

Most of the perennials at Nature Hills, Inc. are available in one gallon pots. I often specify one gallon for my projects. The thing with perennials is that they grow so fast that one gallon is really fine.


Feel like trying out some roses this year? Nature Hills offers them in 3 gallon or bare rooted. The 3 gallon ones are a decent size. Some say planting bare rooted roses are the best way to go. I once ordered them online. They are a little scary when you first see them! However, you just need to follow the easy directions and it's hard not to be successful.

They have a very nice selection of roses. One you might consider is Bonica. I first saw this at the New York Botanical Garden Rose Display and loved it...never forgot the name! It gets 3 to 5 feet tall and has lovely pink flowers. It's a re-bloomer too!

You can purchase Hydrangea in various sizes, depending on the variety. I would recommend the largest size, which is a 3 gallon pot. Which would I select? There are lots of them that are beautiful, but two of my favorites are Endless Summer and Annabelle. Endless Summer should be a reliable bloomer since it flowers on old and new wood. The flowers are typically pink, but can be blue too, depending on the soil. You can actually change the PH buy using the right type of fertilizer to get the color you want. Annabelle Hydrangea has white flowers. The advantage to them is that they will grow in the sun, as many Hydrangea will not. They might wilt a bit during the day, but then perk right back up. It's a great plant.

These are just a handful of plants they offer.

Nature Hills Nursery
Just go there and take a look around. Thanks for being part of the Landscape Design Advice community!


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