Making More Income in a Scary Economy


I know. It's the economy again. It seems the main topic lately. And rightfully so. So if you don't mind my going off track in this newsletter, I would like to briefly discuss my website in general and how I prosper from it. You can do the same thing.

This scary economy will likely hit the majority of people in some way. I was speaking with a pool contractor I work with last week. He told me that a few projects he had lined up were cancelled due to the stock market.

In my line of work, landscape design, let's face one HAS to do landscaping. It can wait. So I am anticipating a slow down.

Why am I writing about this? Not because I want to be doom and gloom. It is because I have a cushion and it is my website that you most likely found me on. Although it started as a hobby, it has grown into a huge and successful site. I make money with my site....I am telling you this because you can do what I do.

If there is something that you have special knowledge about or something that you love, that is the key to success. For me, it was landscape design. When you know about something and enjoy it, it's not that hard to write about it.

There are numerous ways you can get make money from a website. Different ways work better for different sites.

1. You can place advertising on your site. 2. You can be part of affiliate programs where you make a commission for selling other companies' products. 3. You can sell items on your site yourself. 4. You can sell services. The list goes on and on.

This could be extra income for some of you in these unpredictable times. Actually, it can be much more than some extra income. It can even turn into your main income. Yes, really.

How about being a work at home Mom? You can read all about that here:

You can read a bit more about how I did it and learn how you can too by visiting my page

I am telling you this in all honesty.

Thanks for subscribing to my newsletter. Next time it will be about landscape design....I promise. I just thought this was important.


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