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Fall Landscape Projects
August 10, 2012

Tips for Fall Landscape Projects

Before you read about my fall project tips, I want to let you know that Landscape Design Advice has a new look. After five fabulous years, it was time! The top image is a photo from one of my projects...lots of color and texture. So take a look!

Summer is not a great time for landscaping, particularly plants. The heat of the summer plays havoc on new plants and if you do not have a sprinkler system, you become a slave to watering.

Fall is a good time!

Much of the heat is gone and plants actually like the cooler weather. Not all trees will be available though because there are "digging times", but most will be. Do not forget to water them well (really well!) before the winter approaches.

Most shrubs are readily available. If you get flowering shrubs in now, you will be sure not to miss their flowering time next year and they will have had a chance to get established early.

Perennials are "iffy". Garden centers like to be showy and fall flowering perennials such as Black-Eyed Susan, Anemone, Asters, etc. are plentiful. If you can find some left over perennials that bloom in spring or summer, grab them! Perennials are very resilient and will be great next year. Often you can even get them on sale. If they are bedraggled looking, either ignore it or cut them down to about 4 inches. You will be thrilled next season.

Patios, walkways and driveways can be installed anytime up to when the ground freezes. That give you a long window to get your project done from now to winter.

Swimming Pools
You can have your pool done completely int the fall, or you can have it partially done and completed in the early spring. It all depends on when you start and the speed of the pool contractor. The main thing is to have it completed by May of next year.'s a long project.

If you really want to do any type of project in the fall, start planning now. Everything takes time!

On another note, all of my ebooks are now placed on one page with links to more information about each one. Topics cover patio designs, front yard designs, landscaping costs, evergreen shrubs and trees. If interested, take a look. Landscape Design Ebooks They are very helpful.

Lastly, I have a lot of great photos that I have been posting on Facebook. There have been patios, plants, waterfalls and ponds, etc. If you go there to see, please Like my page! Facebook

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