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Five Landscape Myths and Tips
March 22, 2013

Five Landscape Myths and Tips

Landscape Myths

1. Set and Forget

Unlike decorating the interior of your house which is filled with inanimate objects that remain the same (except for wear and tear over the years), plants are alive. They grow, change and have needs which if are not met can cause them to deteriorate. Landscaping needs tending to, even with the lowest of maintenance gardens. I often use low maintenance perennials where you get the most bang for the buck, but you still need to cut them down once a year.

2. Hiring a Landscape Designer is Expensive

Well, yes, this can be true if you just look at paying for the design. But having a design can save you a lot of money since you won't waste your time and finances on wrong decisions. Choosing the wrong plants are a complete waste of money as they will never do well. What happens? Re-do!! A good design will include the right plants for the right place. Choosing the wrong paving materials for a particular hardscape can cause problems. An example is using loose stone for a walkway in hopes of saving money. You first. However if the stone is not contained at the edges they will meld with the adjacent lawn or mulch and create quite a mess. Do over!!!

3. Perennials Are Lots of Work

They are more work than shrubs, but low maintenance perennials require very little tending to.

4. Choose Contractors by Their Projects

Well, it helps, but you must ask this one important question. Can you guess what that is?

Ok, I'll tell you.

Is the person who installed this project still working for you?!

5. Vinyl Liner Pools Are Inferior to Concrete Pools

Not true! Beautiful copings can create a look where the average person can hardly tell the difference. Pool shapes might be limited and there are a few other differences, but consider vinyl pools and you will save a ton of money. I have pools on my site and in my portfolio where people do not know they are vinyl.

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