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Popular Landscape Pages
December 08, 2012

Popular Landscape Pages

Did you ever go to a website and just not find exactly what you are looking for? I have. It might be there but just hard to find.

So I decided to put together this brief email of some of my most popular pages. And if you are looking for something and can’t find it, you can always email me or use the search bar at the top of my navigation bar.

So here are my top visited pages in the last month.

Driveway Designs - Here I give tips and examples of how to design an eye-catching driveway.

Patio Designs – If you are looking to re-do your patio or create a completely new one, you wil enjoy this page. There are numerous links to other pages too (( lost count but I know there are at least 24 since that’s how many thumbnail pictures I have there). One of my favorite topics when talking about patios is seat walls.

Paving Costs – Find out how much each paving material costs installed.This would be for walkways, patios, and driveways.

Landscaping Pictures – Here I show pictures of many of the projects I have designed!

Online Landscape Design – If you are looking for a design, I can help and explain all about it on this page.

I would also like to mention one other page that gets a lot of visits and that is:
Front Yard Landscaping Ideas (it was #7 on the list of most visited pages) – I offer great tips on designing your front yard, including planting design, walkways, and more.

Also, here is a site that I enjoy for easy succulents.

Drought Smart Plants - if you want low maintenance plants, visit this great site! Jacki knows her stuff.

Have a great holiday!

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