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Hurricane in NJ - Thoughts
November 09, 2012

Hurricane Sandy in NJ

Hurricane Thoughts

As many of you know, I live in New Jersey. I lost my power for 5 days, which means I had no electric, heat, water, internet or cable. Why is it we really appreciate those things when we don’t’ have them? Human nature, I suppose. However, that is little compared to what many others have suffered.

I love the New Jersey shore seaside towns. There is a lot of nostalgia there for me. I started going there when I was a young child and that was a long time ago! I remember the arcades, the smell of the clean, salty air, the sounds of the waves…but especially the boardwalks. To think that many are gone is so sad. To think that so many people have actually lost their homes is even sadder though.

For those of you who live in the northeast, I hope you have not suffered. Hey, you may not be even reading this right away if you don’t have power.

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